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We are active in the field ourselves and a number of things stood out to us. It is a growing group of professionals who are still finding their way in the market. In addition, we see that on the client's side there is still limited knowledge in this field and people are therefore not necessarily bringing in the right people. “It takes one to know one…”.

The general interim agencies have very limited knowledge about this or even no knowledge. This is not in the interest of the Conversationeer and also not in the interest of the client. We also see the salaries of the Conversationeers at agencies that lend these colleagues to the market. We understand that money has to be made, but the interim rates and the salaries show a huge gap.

At Conversationeers we strive to serve the interests of everyone!



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At Conversationeers we are not simply connecting you with an organization. We help you to be happy with your job.  

Who are we?

Doron Themans

Founder & Chatbot Strategist

Once one of the original founders of For All Finance (interim agency for financial services). Extensive experience in hiring people and Conversationeers in particular.

Robin Leenders

Founder & Creative Marketer

As a creative marketer and conversation designer I know exactly which person is perfectly suited for a job. I have experience in conversational writing and chatbot optimizing.

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